Kathryn Ford has been writing from a young age. Even if it was just about ponies having a picnic or a girl picking up a stray kitten. She has always loved reading and writing. By the age of eleven she had read all the Braille books in the school library and had to join the National Library for the Blind. She read anything she could, but was always drawn to epic fantasy. The ability to get lost in a magical world really appealed to her.


At the end of her matric year, she was awarded as the highest achieving disability student in the country. She then went to the University of the Free State to study English Literature, French and History. In 2010 she graduated with a B.A. honours degree. After graduating she worked as a researcher, during which time Kathryn attempted to right a number of novels. However non of of these initial attempts made it to completion. 

At this stage her Bipolar was really upsetting her life. She was unable to get out of bed some days and other days the mania would wreak havoc on her life. She spent two stints in hospital, one in 2016 and one in 2019. After she was released from hospital in February of 2019 it was as though she were a new person. One day she picked up her laptop and began to write and she didn’t stop until her first novel was complete.

The Transfer was far from being an epic fantasy book, but the warm young adult romance really appealed to her. Many of the scenarios in The Transfer actually took place during her own high-school years. She is now working on two more books, an adult romance and an urban fantasy.

Kathryn has been riding horses since the age of eleven and would love to own her own horse one day. She loves cats and shares her life with four of them as well as her husband. She is addicted to coffee and loves chocolate and jelly teddy bears.