The Transfer

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Follow Ashlyn Cooper as her final year of high-school turns from ordinary to complicated. All it takes is one look from the new boy. Enter Jamie Russle, tall dark and pretty damn cute. He completely turns Ashlyn's neat little world upside down and drags his best friend, Craig Morgan, into the thick of things. Watch as Ashlyn's life unfolds and takes a direction she never would have dreamed of.

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Untitled Urban Fantasy

First Draft 60%

Josie Quinn is not really your usual girl. Something in her is broken. Follow along as she discovers who she really is and what she does about it. She meets a number of interesting people along the way, some good, some not that good.


Under an African Sun

First Draft Underway

Mandy is on the verge of marrying oil tycoon Tom. But, before the big day Mamdy, her sister Kelly, and their childhood best friend Eric decide to go on a three week holiday to Zanzibar. Follow along as Mandy’s seemingly simple life turns to complicated and her eyes are opened on so many levels.

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First draft 50%

Alex is a regular sixteen year old. She has her friends and a loving family. When her sister begins acting strangely, she follows her and gets dragged into a world she never knew even existed. There is a whole new world waiting for her.