• Kathryn Ford

Book Signing (trial)

Hi everyone! I would have done a video on this but I’ve caught the flu and my voice is basically gone. So, today I did my first book signing… and it was a complete flop! I didn’t sell a single book. But, I did learn a lot. First of all, do not do a signing at a secondhand book store because all the other second hand books are a lot cheaper than the book you’re trying to sell.

Then I learnt about all the different people you get. You have the people who when you try talk to them, they speed up and try act that they’re not hearing you. Then you get the people who say “No” before you’ve even finished talking.

Then you have the people that are interested in your Braille machine, but not you or your book. And then there are the people who are slightly interested but when they hear the price of your book, they are off running. So, I wouldn’t call today a waste of time, because I learnt a lot and I can definitely see where I can improve. Wish me better luck next time!

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