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My Top Five Books of the Year

I thought this would be an easy post to write – boy was I wrong! When I checked on Goodreads what all I had read this year I was quite horrified! First of all I only read seventeen books; eight Pretty Little Liar books, four Jenny Han books, Three Kasie West and two Goosebumps books. How on earth am I meant to get a top five from that?

So let’s see all the Pretty Little Liars felt like one big story, so I can’t get a book out of there. All four Jenny Han books were, to be polite, not very good. That leaves me with three Kasie Wests and two Goosebumps books. So in no particular order…here we go!

‘By Your Side was’ a cute Kasie West book in which Autumn gets stuck in the library over a long weekend. Dax is also hanging out in the library because his foster parents told him to get out. Together they make the long weekend interesting and survivable. Yeah, it was cute.

Next is ‘The Fill In Boyfriend’. So basically the girl gets dumped by her college going, hot boyfriend in the parking lot just before prom. She can’t face going in alone so she grabs a random guy and asks him to pretend to be her boyfriend. It is quite entertaining.

Moving along to ‘P.S. I like you’. The two main characters are always fighting with each other. Little did they know that the notes exchanged during chemistry were actually from each other. They finally figure it out and it all becomes very cute. It was my favourite Kasie West book.

Now for the two Goosebumps books. ‘Return of the Mummy’ was very well written and you really felt like you were in Egypt and in the pyramids. Thing is that mummies don’t scare me, so the horror fact was wasted on me.

The other Goosebumps book was ‘The Night of the Living Dummy ii’. It wasn’t that well written but the story creaped me the heck out! I don’t do dummies and this one was particularly freaky! The story was good and as in most R.L. Stein books, the ending was ambiguous. So yes I am saying that this book was my top book of the year, which is actually really sad.

I plan to read a whole lot more next year, maybe get involved in some challenges on Goodreads and do some buddy-reads. Hopefully next year this time I can bring you a proper top five books. This is me signing out for the year of 2019. Happy Happy new year, may it be a prosperous one full of only good things. 

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