• Kathryn Ford

Some Research

A few weeks ago I decided to do some research and development. I went to The Mall of Africa where a book launch by Bargain Books was taking place. And oh wow what an experience! The entire atrium was set out with three hundred chairs. There was plenty of food and drink to keep the people happy while they waited for the author to arrive. They had stands full of the author’s book, where you could look at it and see what all the fuss was about.

We managed to nab front row seats. Of course the author was an hour late, but that didn’t matter because of the foremmentioned snacks.

When the author finally arrived on the stage, yes they had a stage with a comfy couch and everything, the crowd exploded into applause. And at that moment I was so happy that it was a book that was soliciting this kind of response. People think reading is dead, but, especially of physical copies, but I can attest to that being far from the truth.

A presenter took the mike and began introducing the author. The crowd went wild!

After that the presenter asked the author questions and then came the signing. It was a truly magnificent thing to behold. I can only dream of one day having a book launch like that.

Unfortunately due to Corona it doesn’t look like I’ll be doing any signings in the near future, which is just sad. But, I really enjoyed my research and development project. It was amazing to see how a launch can be handled and presented.

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