• Kathryn Ford

They have arrived!

On Tuesday the physical copies of my book that we had printed in Cape Town arrived. I had this whole idea in my head. I would get dressed and wait for the courier to come and knock at the door. Then I would film me accepting the books from the delivery man. It would have made a great video intro! Problem is, that they came so early I was still in bed. So that was my ingenuous plan ruined.

Instead my husband went outside to accept the books on the pavement. I opened the first small box with my husband and parents, it was really exciting. They were all neatly wrapped up in bundles of tens. I later did a video of unboxing the books from the big box. It was unreal to see so many books and to know that they were all my books. Like I said in the video, I felt like a proud book Mommy.

Now my goal is to sell my children off as quickly as I can. I’ve always dreamed of being an author, but seeing that dream come true – well it was quite something. If I wasn’t so happy I would have broken down in tears.

My big fluffy cat Daigo was all over the video, definitely proving that cats and books go together, especially when there is a box involved.

We ordered a copy of the book from Amazon, just to check it out. That should be arriving later today. So, we will see how that unboxing goes and if Daigo wants to be the star of the show again. Thanks for reading! And make sure to watch the video below?

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